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Get Your Front Windows Tinted!

Welcome To Tint Genies


Drive in comfort with tinted vehicle windows

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Automotive Window Tinting Law

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Window Tinting Services in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Worcester

Improve your outlook with car window tinting!

We are still operational, and currently offering free telephone consultations

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It’s never been harder to retain your privacy.

With cameras, CCTV and even online map services taking pictures of your vehicles, it’s getting harder and harder to safeguard your own privacy. That’s why more and more people choose to have their car windows tinted.

But professionally tinted windows offer far more than the peace of mind that comes with additional privacy:

Tint Genies offer professional window tinting services to customers in Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding areas. So to discuss your window tinting needs – whether you’re considering having your car or office windows tinted – call us today on 07805414221.

Why Choose Tinting?

  • Stylish Look - A tinted window provides a distinctive, stylish appearance for any car or building
  • UV Protection - Tinted windows reduce the effect of ultra-violet light, including both UVA and UVB light
  • Heat Reduction - Window tinting keeps your car cool and more comfortable
  • Less Glare - Glare from windows can be a danger on the roads, unless you have your windows tinted
  • Increased Privacy - Prevent thieves from seeing what's inside your car

Our Quality Guarantee

All of our work is completed to manufacturer and British quality standards, so we're certain you'll be impressed.